Jason Kerrison Portrait Session

A few images from an impromptu portrait session with a mate.

The Koi Boys Bust Out

Kiwi crooners The Koi Boys - favourites on Channel 9's The Voice - are on the up and up with a major record label signing and multiple video releases.

I spent time recently in the studio photographing Kevin, Danny and Nuz - great guys who are working hard and having a ball as their star rises.

Hollie Smith Publicity Images

A while back, my pretty friend the singer asked me to take some photos of her. She had some music to release and needed a solid set of press images.

So we spent a day in the studio and came up with these looks. 

Styling by Sammy Salsa and hair and make-up by Tane Tomoana.

Grace Under Pressure - BTS of a Video Shoot

Making a music video involves a lot of talented people - all of them using their unique talents to create something special and unique. At the centre of all this whirlwind of focussed activity is the star herself, who must draw on her strength to deliver a performance amongst the controlled chaos.

Erykah Badu - Live at The Palais Theatre, Melbourne (Flashback)

Sometimes its nice to revisit the files from an old shoot and see how you'd treat them today. Way back in February 2012, I was sent to Melbourne to shoot Erykah Badu as she performed with her Cannabinoids crew at the gorgeous old Palais Theatre in St Kilda.

I had the run of the theatre for the entire show - which is always nice - so had time to cover the performance properly and especially to look for those gestures and special moments which are almost impossible to catch under the typical "three song" rule. Photographing Erykah is easy as she's a proper Diva - talented and beautiful - and boy, she knows it. Her stagecraft coupled with her sheer confidence (arrogance?) means that she is in total command of the audience at all times, never letting their attention stray for a second.

Though the Cannabinoid crew are stellar performers in their own right, the eyes of the enraptured audience never once left Erykah, such was the intensity of her performance. My job was to try to capture some of that power and emotion.

Originally processed and output in colour, a new treatment in B&W, removing all possible distractions, seems now to be the only way to go with these images.