Two Bands At An Airforce Base

Its always fun to be asked to shoot new PR images for bands - the trick is wrangling everyone together at the right time and place.

In this case Soljah and The Dozen were part of a line-up playing at the Whenuapai Airforce Base for their Christmas 'do' - so military precision was the order of the day.

Prior to both bands playing I took some time with each of them to take some new PR shots, and was lucky enough to have access to a hanger as the weather was looking dodgy.

First up was Soljah, and a nicer bunch of Northlanders you couldn't hope to meet.

Unfortunately we weren't able to include any of the planes in the images (Airforce regs) - but what the hey - probably kept things more simple. I lit the guys with two umbrellas and a third modded-flash for the group shots and then finished with some quick portraits at the end of the shoot using just one medium-sized umbrella.

As soon as I was finished with Soljah, the boys from The Dozen arrived and we spent probably no more than 15 minutes getting in some fairly casual group shots - this time with the hanger door open.

I quickly shuffled the light stands around and used an umbrella'd speedlight for key and additional lights left and right rear.

Both image series were processed in Lightroom 4 with the same "Band Grunge" preset and perhaps a little extra exposure fill on the faces. 

Then back over to the stage area for some live shots of Soljah's set.

I was pretty hungry and tired by the end of the set so decided to head off home early and was actually stopped and breathalized on the way out of the base - just the one beer so no worries there.

Less than 24 hours later a tornado swept through the area, devastating the local neighbourhood - wrecking dozens of houses and killing three people. By all accounts, the Airforce Base personnel played a big part in coordinating the support and clean up effort. Good on you boys and girls.