The Winery Tour Kicks Off - Bands Play, Audience Drink

Three "supergroups" hit the viney slopes of Ascension Estate in Matakana (Saturday 2nd February, 2013) playing in front of a well-lubricated audience - man, people get drunk real quick these days! A certain amount of pre-loading must be going on - kids run wild while parents attempt to dance (badly) amongst blankets, chilly bins and beach chairs. Space is at a premium, but everyone is in good spirits - except when they inevitably have to join the queue for the porta-loos which stretches almost back in front of the stage. Highly amusing to hear Campbell Smith issuing housekeeping messages over the PA.

To the music. Toogood kept the tone light for The Adults who must have perplexed a lot of the crowd who were there early to claim their patch of grass and set up booze camp. Classy stuff all round though from Jon, Julia and Shane.

The "main" act followed - Anika, Boh & Hollie who proved that the sum is truly greater than the parts. Fabulous chemistry; a great support band; a fine spread of songs; and a stunning finale in Bathe In The River. These ladies deserve success with their just-released album Peace Of Mind.

The organism that is Fat Freddy's Drop finished the night with a sprawling set that picked up immeasurably when MC Slave leapt onto stage to rark up the, by now mostly arseholed crowd.

Shooting the first three songs only from the pit in front of the stage is always an interesting experience in "getting the shot". Hard to get a feel for the performance in such a short time and the lighting set-up for each act naturally is wildly different over the course of the evening.

An unexpected challenge (at this genre of gig!) was the audience - anytime I neared the crowd barriers to get a better angle I was grabbed, stroked, squeezed and practically groped by the drunk teens and 20-somethings who were revelling in the free-flowing sav supplied by their parents. And of course they insist that I take their picture - frickin' Facebook generation.