Portrait Of The Week Series - No.13: Mark Kelliher

This week's portrait is of Mark "Sparky" Kelliher. I've known Mark for a few years and have recently had the pleasure of working with him on a number of occasions.  

These shots came out of a recent Serato Icon photo shoot for Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D. In preparation for Chuck's arrival, I had created a simple lighting set-up (speed-light into a diffused beauty dish) to mimic window light, and asked Mark to step in to check everything was looking good.

Anyone who knows Mark will tell you that he is a good, keen man - so he was of course only too happy to help. After a few minor tweaks, everything was set and I banged off a few frames of Mark who just happens to be an extremely photogenic young man.

So I'm all set for Chuck with the bonus of having made a few nice images of Mark. Thanks Sparky.