Portrait Of The Week Series - No.18: Aroha Harawira

It's always nice to be asked by a friend to help out with some photography. Even better when they bring their "A" game.

George FM radio host, DJ and audio technician Aroha is working on a re-vamp of her public image and needed fresh press photos - I was only too happy to oblige (especially as I tend to get to shoot mainly male DJs) - and she turned up to the shoot on time, with perfect hair and make-up, ready and willing to create some great images.

Working from a style guide that Aroha had provided prior, we cracked straight into some punchy 'commercial-style' images (using a beauty-dish soft-box on a white seamless) and banged out a hundred or so keepers.

A quick wardrobe change and a switch to a shoot-through ring-flash gave us a totally different look (kind of indie?) which seemed to work extremely well.

The most satisfying photography for me is when the subject and I are working towards the same goal with the same enthusiasm. Everything seems to fall in place - a solid set of images is the result, and sometimes even a bit of magic happens.

These are the last four frames of the shoot (raised the ring-flash upwards) - totally relaxed and natural. Thanks to Aroha for totally committing to the shoot and being "in the zone". A girl on fire.