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Portrait Of The Week Series - No.38: Sam Irvine

Company executives typically require photographs that can be used not only for internal collateral (profiles, annual reports, etc.) but also LinkedIn, Facebook as well as for use in magazine and press articles.

Having a coordinated photoshoot means having a range of images to suit different needs, without the last minute panic to meet a deadline.

Here is sample from a suite of images I did recently for Sam Irvine of Freeview in and around his office in Auckland.

Nikon D4/ Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G & 70-200mm 2.8G & 85mm 1.4G lenses, Nikon SB900/Westcott Rapid Box, Lightroom 5.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.37: Mark (MC Slave) Williams

Occasionally, studio shoots for clients run ahead of schedule and you are left with a bit of spare time to do a mate a favour. Slave needed some new head shots, so I gave him a call and he joined me at White Studios after picking the kids up from school.

Using a Profoto head with a beauty dish against a bare white wall, we got to it and quickly got a range of different looks.

Powerful strobes allow you to work fast - just as well since the kids were getting restless.

Nikon D4/ Nikkor 85mm 1.4G / Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G lens, Profoto Head/ Beauty Dish White, Lightroom 5.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.15: Just Blaze

Last week I visited Stadium Red Studios in East Harlem, NY, to shoot DJ and producer Just Blaze (Justin Smith). As part of a team from Serato, I spent time with Just Blaze and photographed him in various locations around the studio for a future Serato Icon piece.

This photo was set at his favourite recording desk (Jay-Z's The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2 and The Black Album plus Eminem's Recovery) and was lit with a gelled speed light in a diffused beauty dish balanced with the ambient.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No. 14: Chelsea Rea

Here's two different looks from a quick photo shoot with Chelsea Rea (during a recent family photo session). Which do you prefer?

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.13: Mark Kelliher

This week's portrait is of Mark "Sparky" Kelliher. I've known Mark for a few years and have recently had the pleasure of working with him on a number of occasions.  

These shots came out of a recent Serato Icon photo shoot for Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D. In preparation for Chuck's arrival, I had created a simple lighting set-up (speed-light into a diffused beauty dish) to mimic window light, and asked Mark to step in to check everything was looking good.

Anyone who knows Mark will tell you that he is a good, keen man - so he was of course only too happy to help. After a few minor tweaks, everything was set and I banged off a few frames of Mark who just happens to be an extremely photogenic young man.

So I'm all set for Chuck with the bonus of having made a few nice images of Mark. Thanks Sparky.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.12: Sam Allen

At the end of a very busy week when I thought that I had all jobs squared away, I got a call to do some press images for singer/songwriter Sam Allen. Sam was about to depart on his August Acoustic Tour and needed some images pronto.

I was actually packing to go overseas for a month the very next day, but rather than put it off, I decided to strike while the iron was hot and do a quick shoot that afternoon.

Sam was due to perform that night with Sola Rosa, so I managed to get 45 minutes with him before sound check at The Kings Arms tavern in Auckland.

Bish, bash, bosh - a bunch of images that Sam is already using. 

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.8: DJ Bailey

I just completed a couple of shoots for Serato in London - one of which was for the venerable DJ Bailey.

I spent some time with Bailey at a private Soho residence, capturing him in classic portrait style for a planned Serato Icon piece. Like most top DJs that I have met and photographed, Bailey is both deadly serious about his music while at the same time having a great sense of humour and fun.


Bailey invited us along to see him broadcast his Intabeats Drum & Bass Show live from the Ministry Of Sound - great to have a whole club complete with lasers, lights and smoke effects - without the punters.

We also took a tour of South London to revisit Bailey's childhood stomping grounds - including the housing block where he was born.

Finished the day with some excellent caribbean food in Brixton. Good times.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.6: Dave Fane

In a recent publicity shoot for the Auckland urban radio station FLAVA, I was happy to photograph Dave Fane for the second time.

Dave always brings his own infectious style of humour to a shoot and lifts the energy of everyone around him. Very helpful when you've a whole line up of radio DJs to get through over a long morning.

For these shots, I used an Orbis ring flash adaptor and got in close and slightly above looking for a wide range of expressions. No problem for this talented actor and comedian. Dave was so easy to work with and was also quite interested in the whole lighting process.

Fun, easy shoot - thanks Dave.

Return To San Francisco - Serato DJ Mike Relm

San Francisco is a fine city to visit in mid-January. Cool temperatures and crisp, clear skies make it ideal to spend a few days filming and photographing around the city with DJ, VJ & turntablist Mike Relm. 

Now based in Culver City, Los Angeles, Mike returned to his home town to put together a Serato Icon piece. Kicking off at The Clift Hotel for a video interview and some formal portraits, we then followed Mike to get coffee at Bluebottle in the Downtown area; bought some vinyl at Red Devil Records in San Rafael City; and tripped out to Daly City on the BART.

A fun shoot with a very talented and stylish DJ.

Rocking The Basement

Auckland's iconic rock radio station is re-launching it's brand with new imagery across press, outdoor and online - this time with some attitude.

The photography is the result of a few hours spent in a basement car-park with the nice folks at Hauraki.

Rigged a couple of speedlights to fire back into a large silver umbrella high above my left shoulder. Simple, flattering, rock n' roll lighting - everyone looks good in black and white.

Its always fun photographing these guys and nice to be involved with a major media campaign.