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Portrait Of The Week Series - No.27: Mike Relm

I shot this portrait of DJ Mike Relm exactly one year ago at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco. Prior to a video interview, I photographed Mike in the hotel suite using a mixture of natural light and flash.

When taking portraits in a hotel room, you have to work with what you've got - fortunately the room at the Clift was large and stylishly appointed - and I couldn't resist using the large glass table and light shade in the living room as compositional elements.

Mike is lit by daylight coming through a large window to his right.

While the room was being set up for the video interview, I moved Mike to the bedroom and shot an alternate portrait against the floor-to-ceiling drapes using a small soft box.

If Mike was your typical T-shirt/hoody-wearing DJ, these shots may not have been so successful, I think.

Nikon D4/ Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G lens, Nikon SB900 Flash/ Lastolite Soft Box, Lightroom 5.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.15: Just Blaze

Last week I visited Stadium Red Studios in East Harlem, NY, to shoot DJ and producer Just Blaze (Justin Smith). As part of a team from Serato, I spent time with Just Blaze and photographed him in various locations around the studio for a future Serato Icon piece.

This photo was set at his favourite recording desk (Jay-Z's The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2 and The Black Album plus Eminem's Recovery) and was lit with a gelled speed light in a diffused beauty dish balanced with the ambient.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.8: DJ Bailey

I just completed a couple of shoots for Serato in London - one of which was for the venerable DJ Bailey.

I spent some time with Bailey at a private Soho residence, capturing him in classic portrait style for a planned Serato Icon piece. Like most top DJs that I have met and photographed, Bailey is both deadly serious about his music while at the same time having a great sense of humour and fun.


Bailey invited us along to see him broadcast his Intabeats Drum & Bass Show live from the Ministry Of Sound - great to have a whole club complete with lasers, lights and smoke effects - without the punters.

We also took a tour of South London to revisit Bailey's childhood stomping grounds - including the housing block where he was born.

Finished the day with some excellent caribbean food in Brixton. Good times.

Return To San Francisco - Serato DJ Mike Relm

San Francisco is a fine city to visit in mid-January. Cool temperatures and crisp, clear skies make it ideal to spend a few days filming and photographing around the city with DJ, VJ & turntablist Mike Relm. 

Now based in Culver City, Los Angeles, Mike returned to his home town to put together a Serato Icon piece. Kicking off at The Clift Hotel for a video interview and some formal portraits, we then followed Mike to get coffee at Bluebottle in the Downtown area; bought some vinyl at Red Devil Records in San Rafael City; and tripped out to Daly City on the BART.

A fun shoot with a very talented and stylish DJ.

Hudson Mohawke Live At The Perth Summadayze Festival

I just returned from a very hot Perth where I was travelling with Serato to catch up with DJ and Producer Hudson Mohawke.

Here's HudMo on stage at the Summadayze Festival...