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Portrait Of The Week Series - No.17: Lorde

As part of the lead-up to her iHeart Radio concert in Auckland, Lorde recorded an interview to publicise the event.

I was there to shoot stills and was taken by the maturity of this sixteen-year old who is just beginning to realise the implications of worldwide fame. Despite giving off an aura of fragility and delicateness, Ella (real name) remained calm and unflappable, handling with ease a room full of camera technicians, publicists, etc. and easily responded to all the questions in one take.

My job was relatively easy, as the lighting was all set by the video crew - I just had to be sure not to spoil the mood with my moving about and the loud shutter release - but I was happy to capture a range of different looks from this young star on the rise, and in particular one frame when she looked right into my lens.