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Portrait Of The Week Series - No.33: Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim)

A couple of years back, I photographed Norman Cook at the Serato offices. I had about 10 minutes to get a range of portraits, and Norman happily obliged with good grace and a sense of humour.

He performed as Fatboy Slim that same night at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

Nikon D300/ Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8G lens, Nikon SB900/ Lastolite Soft box & SB900/ Rogue Grid, Lightroom 5.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.27: Mike Relm

I shot this portrait of DJ Mike Relm exactly one year ago at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco. Prior to a video interview, I photographed Mike in the hotel suite using a mixture of natural light and flash.

When taking portraits in a hotel room, you have to work with what you've got - fortunately the room at the Clift was large and stylishly appointed - and I couldn't resist using the large glass table and light shade in the living room as compositional elements.

Mike is lit by daylight coming through a large window to his right.

While the room was being set up for the video interview, I moved Mike to the bedroom and shot an alternate portrait against the floor-to-ceiling drapes using a small soft box.

If Mike was your typical T-shirt/hoody-wearing DJ, these shots may not have been so successful, I think.

Nikon D4/ Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G lens, Nikon SB900 Flash/ Lastolite Soft Box, Lightroom 5.

Portrait Of The Week Series - No.15: Just Blaze

Last week I visited Stadium Red Studios in East Harlem, NY, to shoot DJ and producer Just Blaze (Justin Smith). As part of a team from Serato, I spent time with Just Blaze and photographed him in various locations around the studio for a future Serato Icon piece.

This photo was set at his favourite recording desk (Jay-Z's The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2 and The Black Album plus Eminem's Recovery) and was lit with a gelled speed light in a diffused beauty dish balanced with the ambient.

The Hard Festival - Los Angeles

Part of my duties when on assignment with DJ software company Serato, is to cover festivals which feature prominent DJs who use the company's products. As you might expect, summer festivals in the States are super popular, and the Hard Festival in downtown LA was a good example of a large-scale EDM event.

I was there to specifically to shoot DJ and producer Just Blaze who arrived at the venue with only minutes to spare to hit his time slot. Late or not, once on stage Justin was all business and delivered an hour long tour de force set.

Often photographers get only a limited three song allowance or maybe 15 minutes to capture the performance - usually from the 'pit' in front of the stage. In this case, we (me and videographer Erik Lang) had full access on one of the best stages we've been on - this allowed us to capture the full Just Blaze experience and the 'story' of the set. You can see the stress of his arrival and the rushed preparation, the developing performance, the crowd interaction, and the relief and euphoria back stage afterwards.

LL Cool J - Kings Of The Mics Tour

As the Kings Of The Mic headline act, LL Cool J performed an extended closing set to the crowd of about 2000 packed into the Stubbs Bar-B-Q outdoor venue. 

Backed by Serato DJ Z-Trip (superb)LL Cool J performed for over an hour to the the mainly 40+/caucasian audience who were by that time of the night whipped in into a near-frenzy.

Chuck D joined him on stage to ratchet up the intensity even further - awesome to see two masters of hip-hop in commanding form.


Portrait Of The Week Series - No.8: DJ Bailey

I just completed a couple of shoots for Serato in London - one of which was for the venerable DJ Bailey.

I spent some time with Bailey at a private Soho residence, capturing him in classic portrait style for a planned Serato Icon piece. Like most top DJs that I have met and photographed, Bailey is both deadly serious about his music while at the same time having a great sense of humour and fun.


Bailey invited us along to see him broadcast his Intabeats Drum & Bass Show live from the Ministry Of Sound - great to have a whole club complete with lasers, lights and smoke effects - without the punters.

We also took a tour of South London to revisit Bailey's childhood stomping grounds - including the housing block where he was born.

Finished the day with some excellent caribbean food in Brixton. Good times.

Mix Master Mike Drops In To Rock Hauraki

Beastie Boy Mix Master Mike recently spent 48 hours in Auckland to headline a media event for Radio Hauraki.

Not your typical act for an event put on by a rock format station, The Serial Wax Killer quickly showed his love for hard rock (and other genres) with a set that had jaws dropping and eyes bulging - Mike's scratching technique truly has to be seen to be believed.

All those present were treated to a rock masterclass from a true musical icon.