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Behind The Scenes At A Vinyl Pressing Plant

I recently visited Record Technology Incorporated (RTI) located in Camarillo, an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Very interesting to see the process of Serato Control Tone vinyl being made.

RTI have the ability to produce a wide range of different colour vinyls, including marbled and glow in the dark varieties, and their particular expertise lies in their utter dedication to quality - audio fidelity being paramount.

These hard-working folks are enjoying the worldwide boom in vinyl demand and can produce up to 2,000,000 discs annually across their nine presses. The day we visited they were packing a large order of Diana Krall, Live in Paris.

Strange, but somewhat reassuring these days to see a hands-on, largely manual process with barely a computer in sight. The highly-skilled and professional staff lead by plant manager Rick Hashimoto make it all seem easy. Proud people delivering quality products - much of it gracing the turntables of the world's best DJs.